Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Galvez Productions

         Welcome to Galvez productions, the base of our Mobile Interactive Educational Space, currently parked in front of my Spanish ally and I's new Summer place here in Andalusia, Lower Patria to be exact. We have views of the Ocean, and on fog free days, even Africa!
         Yesterday, our landlord, neighbor, farmer, and overall Andalus Retiree, caught me by surprise when he shot two snakes with one bullet. I helped him plant squashes last week, which have already shot up, and he's promised me the 10 chickens that will be hatching come next week. Within this same exchange In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to here that Chickens like Worker bees take 21 days to come to life. Which more curiously is the same amount of days it takes for the earth to fully rotate around the sun . Therefore the chicken in the Egg, or The bee in its Cell is exposed to all angles of our earths essential life force before it births. Super Solid Preparation to say the Least. I never underrated chickens but I happened to find this fascinating. There are at least 12 chickens already, 3 Roosters which sing to us all night long, 2 race dogs, 4 Turtle doves, and a beautiful chocolate colored horse. We're right up the road from where I have been doing my Queen Breeding work for the past 4 months and I like to think that its those bees that fill our garden and offer me the chance to educate Ricardo on this often taken for granted yet necessary insect.

Daniel y Carlo Preping Breeding Hives.

Looking for queens before Colony division.

Me! Bare handed, catching and caging a freshly mated queen bee. As  you may imagine, it's tricky work. Any fast movement or bump catches the bees attention and sends them into protection mode, which means there is stinging to be done. And Yes I have been stung
Queen bee and 5 worker bees, in their candy closed plastic cage. They are delivered and placed into their future hives as such. The plastic tube facing down is packed with sugar, which upon arrival to its new colony,  the bees eat away at as the familiarize and accept the scent of their new queen.
       Over the last fews months I have helped Daniel place hives with people here in the community and as the time goes on I am currently falling into the roll of beekeeping educator and learning alongside the people. Not to mention I also officially have my own hive which I am keeping behind Susana and Indio's place, and sharing with Ayun and Silvio their 4 and 7 year old. We have had some great classes together so far and I am really looking forward for those yet to come.
     Theres is a futbol match against the neighboring small town come June 22nd and for the past 3 weeks now I have been training our potential team of village 6-7  and 8 year olds. It turns out there's not a whole lot of organized activity around and as a result all the kids get word and come to play. Thankfully I was well trained for this and between Spanish, Andalus, English and Spanglish,  I do my best to keep the varying group of kids entertained and productive.

I'll bee writing again soon!

Love from Spain!
Breath, Will and Imagination. Its all creation from here!