Friday, January 6, 2012


 Thanks to the patience of my Pops and Sanya for tolerating the amount of things I broke and burned throughout our 3 month stay and to the friendship of Caki, Goran and all our friends in Pavlovci who believed, at times more than we did, that our project was possible, we have arrived to Spain with the foundation of our project in stellar condition. Offering 21.2 square meters of covered space around the van, we designed and built a telescopic roof rack that opens up on all 4 sides. Utilizing theater, puppets, music, film and photos we are developing the basis of a mobile, interactive educational space. With patience and intention we are hoping to have it up and running for trials in the next month. Meanwhile, I am tracking down pieces of waterproof material for the roof tarp and putting my sewing machine to use!

*We ended up cutting the fishing net down to size in order to use as a general tie down for the roof rack, but it helps give an idea of the space.

*The roof tarp will pull out and unfold in all 4 directions from the cross bar between triangles. I have designed a pocket for the center bar to enter and hold in place, as well as a pocket around the exterior of the entire tarp to run a cinching cord, holding everything taught.

*Can you imagine??

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